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Not into cigars? Our Lifestyle blend (and any of our premium coffees) isn't just for cigar smokers. Pair this morning brew with your next blizzy. But before you spark up, light this candle and meditate. Right before you end your day, sprinkle a bit of the Barista Blend in any of our herbal teas. The possibilites of enjoyment are effortless.

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10 Coffee Facts You Never Knew

The next time you are at your favorite coffee shop and find yourself in an engaging conversation, here are ten interesting coffee facts that

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Exercise Fueled by Coffee?

Everyone knows caffeine is supposed to be bad for you. You hear it all the time and from a lot of different people. So why would you want to

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15 Uses for Coffee Filters

Coffee filters can be used for more than filtering coffee. You will be amazed at the many other uses for coffee filters. These creative

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Single Origin Coffee

The coffees available in our single-origin category are ethically sourced from farmers and communities in some of the best coffee-producing nations in the world. These communities have rich cultures and histories that make the stories behind their coffee even more intriguing.





All Natural



Meet Nandi, the baby giraffe we adopted in Nairobi, Kenya.

Being aligned with nature is a major part of our foundation. We pride ourselves on creating eco-friendly products and selecting the best resources that add to our planet rather than take away. Having you a part of our community helps Coffee by Kee do that in the best way possible.

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